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Walkthrough for "The Thieves' Guild"

If you are new to this, then purchase as many water arrows as you can in the loadout screen of this mission. They will come in handy. Some healing potions are also an excellent idea.

1.)   The Overlord's Fancy

From the perfect shadow of your starting position, wait until the dialogue between the 3 Thieves has come to an end.

When you quicksave and quickload while they are still talking, they will restart the entire conversation. If you repeat this a few times, the Guard on patrol will come into view... but sadly, he will not voluntarily attack the Thieves. Instead, they will attack (and kill) him at once, yelling around that he was you, Garrett... strange. ;)

The normal way in would be through the backdoor, but this will only get you into troubles (the female Servant in the kitchen would notice you when you sneak through the kitchen.) So, since you want to sneak through the mission without harming anyone, just pick the lock of the front entrance now. Stay in the shadow right of the door, so that the Guard from the streets won't notice you. Once you have the lock open, douze the fire in the fireplace ahead of you, and hurry in, heading to the shadow at the wall infront of you, close to the tables. This is a critical point, because the female Servant from the kitchen may notice you. If she starts panicking and searching around, hop on one of the tables, and pray that no one will notice you.

Then head to the shadow at the wall, next to the door where the Thief with the circular patrol pattern passes by. Hide close to the wall, and wait that the Guard who patrols the open door in the W approaches the douzed fireplace. This is the perfect moment to hurry into the room in the W, and to get the key and the loot. If you are very close to the E wall of this room, he will not notice you when he re-enters the room. So, just hurry into the hallway in the S as quickly as possible. In the shadow next to the entrance of this hallway, you won't get seen by him when he turns again.

Follow the small hallway, pick the lock to the next door, and go up the stairs. One of the 3 Thieves from the starting dialogue is on patrol in this 2nd floor (in a regular pattern, clockwise direction). Trail him, and pick the lock of the 2nd chest in the room with the sleeping Thief as quickly as possible. In the open chest are some rope arrows. Once you have what was inside, hurry through the next door (in a clockwise direction), and hide in the compartment behind the chimney. Youl will also find some arrows here. As soon as the unarmed Thief has his back turned again, approach the metal chimney to your right. Shoot a moss arrow at the floor of it, and a rope arrow into the wooden ceiling. Hop on the rope, and climb down. The female Servant from the kitchen, nervous and jumpy as we know her, may catch a sight of you when you are close to the window to the kitchen, but just continue climbing down to the Casino.

The Casino is a heavily annoying and tricky area with lots of stationary NPCs who are not even idling around... I am quite sure that you won't get all the pickpockets and all the loot in this room without causing an extreme commotion.

However, begin with you primarily objective in this area: Douze the lights. Especially the 4 torches in the center of the gambling area are your worst enemies, and same with the torch at the secret way into the sewers (NW of the gambling hall). Now sneak around (avoid getting zapped by the Thief who patrols the center of the hall!), and get the water arrows, the few coins and the first few pickpockets: Easy to pickpocket is the single Thief in the SE, the Swordthief in the N (pickpockets 2 of 18). The Thieves in the SW are already a pain - even though you can sneak into their compartment without them noticing you, the Servant or the unarmed female Thief at the roulette table will see you there. With their panic, the commotion begins. However, hope that the Thieves in the SW are not getting too jumpy now, and get their keys (pickpockets 4 of 18).

One remark: Don't even touch the gate infront of the "official" entrance to the sewers. It is quite noisy, and alerts everyone around you at once.

Then leave their compartment as quickly as possible, and run maybe back to the chimney and climb at the rope (or on the table left of the fireplace). If you are lucky, the commotion will come to an end after a while.

Then approach the most difficult task in the Overlord's Fancy: Try to get the purse from the shelf in the compartment in the NW. I found this "easiest" when I had the full attention of the two guarding Thieves, had lured them out of their compartment, and ran in, snatched the piece of loot, and ran back out - but be warned: the easiest-to-reach exit from here (the secret door in the NW of the gambling hall) will not hold them back, so prepare to run for a long while with them trailing you. Another problem is that you can't snatch the key of the Archer in this method (only with lots of luck). But, theoretically, you have now another one of the Casino keys (pickpockets theoretically 5 of 18).

2.)   The middle Sewers

The two Thieves who talk about the vase when you entered the sewers, have relatively simple, non-random patrol patterns. One will walk from the entrance room with the 2 moss arrows to the room with all the debris in the W (with mines, flashbombs, and an informative letter); the other will walk in a clockwise direction through the hallways in the S. His patrol will also lead him into the room with all the debris. You can, though, relatively simply avoid them by using the shadows in the niches in the walls. Snatch the purse from the Thief with the "circular" patrol pattern (pickpockets 6 of 18), and head to the SW. Here you will encounter a female Servant on a not very regular patrol pattern. Avoid her, and sneak into the room in the N. Get the purse from the Thief who is standing on his shabby bed.

Head back out, and enter the room with the switches 37/38. Pull them, and the doors just W of you will enter. Turn your gamma to a higher value, so that you see more in the darkness, and find the slope down in the S. One of the switched has pulled the metal barrs open. Head in and get the loot and the fire arrow. Then back to the area where the Thief is on patrol. The now open metal gate leads you into the Lower Sewers and to the South Basement - the direct way to Donal's Mansion. Since you don't have the key for the vault of the vase, yet, you don't want to go there at this time.

So, head back to the entrance room of the Sewers (it is N of your position), and head up the slope in the very N of this area. This slope leads you to the direction of Reuben's Mansion.

3.)   The way to Reuben's Mansion

Follow the slope to the N, when the two Thieves have their backs turned. In the next room, you will find a perfect shadow just left of the entrance. Sit down there, and wait that the Thief passes by. Grab his healing potion (pickpockets 7 of 18). Use this opportunity also to study the patrol patterns of him and of the Archer. Basically, you want to run through this room to the N, and through the door there - at best, without them noticing you.

But first, follow the Thief into the area in the W. Enter the first door to your right, and you will be in a room full of switches. Pull all of them, and the other doors in this area will open. As soon as the Thief is back in the room in the E, explore this area cautiously. The hallway behind the metal door will lead you to the front entrance to Donal's Mansion - but the only key to the Mansion is inside. So, ignore this door, and just follow the Archer to get the 2 water arrows right of the way in. Then hurry back to the room N of the entrance to the Sewers, avoid getting seen, and cross the room as planned earlier.

Even though the corner in the NW of this room has a perfect shadow, it is not a safe place. Sometimes, the Archer will run into you and notice you sitting there - so make sure that you can cross the room and leave it through the door in the N in one single move.

When you open the next door, you will encounter an area with grey walls, sand on the floor, and a very cave-like outfit over-all. This is the North Basement.

First of, get the moss arrows from the chest in the N. Then wait that the Servant is not too closely, and enter the room in the S. Get the mine, and hurry back out. Approach the next hallway in the E, and douze the torch. Trigger the conversation between the two Thieves (their patrol is in the E of here, so don't worry that they will run into you when you are hiding in the hallway) (at least, they typically walk to the E immediately after their conversation), and then try to get the goblet from the room in the SW of your position without alerting the freakish Servant patrols this area like a maniac.

Once you have it - with or without having alerted the Servant, approach the hallway where the two Thieves had their conversation, hide in the shadow left of the entrance to the room, and wait there that the Thief who patrols now the storage room in the E is on his way to the area where the Servant is on patrol. Then hurry into the storage room and get the 2 pieces of loot. Hide in a shadow between two shelfs, and once the Thief has his back turned again, follow him and head back into the shadow in the previous room.

The other door of the storage room leads also directly to Reuben's Mansion, but you want to get the loot and the equipment from the other, trickier area in the N firstly.

Now take the 2nd door of the room (the one in the NW), and enter the next area carefully. This area has a wooden floor, grey stone walls, and these annoying ellipsoid windows to the rooms. Start your work here by douzing the lights in the hallway (avoid the Thief who patrols the hallway!)

Open the 2nd door to your left (both doors lead into the same room, but the 2nd is strategically better). Hide yourself in the small shadow of the doorframe. You will now see a room infront of you with - especially important - two chests, a inscribing on the wall, and a Thief who is on patrol here. When he goes to the left, hurry to the right - there are also perfect shadows, close to the wall. Picking the locks of the two chests is a major pain: wait that he has his back turned, run after him, pick the lock until he turns again, and then run back to the small perfect shadow where you came from. Because of the window of his room, you have also to watch out for the Thief on patrol in the hallway... sounds like fun? Well, yes, but it is possible. Once you have the loot and the stuff from the other chest, open the 3rd door of this room, and douze the lights in the next room.

The Archer here has a very small patrol pattern - meaning that he is as good as permanentely changing the direction he is facing. Try to get past him and through the door without getting seen. In the next room is a female, unarmed Thief. She will go "huh?" when you start picking the locks of the chests, but not get more alerted than attention level 1. Get the stuff from the chests and the purse from the female Thief (pickpockets 8 of 18), and try to leave the room without her noticing you and without running into the Archer.

It is much easier, when you remember that there is a perfect shadow close to the door into the room with the female Thief, where you can watch the hallway, the Archer, and stare at the female Thief, without having to worry that anyone will notice you.

Now open the half-high "secret" door of this room that leads you back into the hallway. Avoid getting seen by anyone who is either on patrol in the hallway, or facing the hallway, by ducking and running, and head to the shadow at the NE end of this hallway. Hide there - if anyone had notice you, you can climb up the ladder and hope that they won't find you in the darkness above there.

However, avoid the patroling Thief, and follow the hallway until it reaches the sewers through a small metal door in the right wall. Enter them.

If you follow these smelly sewers to the left, you will enter the room with the front entrance of Reuben's Mansion. If you follow them to the right, you will find yourself back at the storage room in the Northern Sewers. Differently as Donal, Reuben has really given the key to his door to his best man, Thom.

4.)   Getting the Bracelet

You are still in the smelly sewers, I presume. From here, you have two ways into the area at the "front entrance" of Reuben's Mansion - one with a ladder, and one behind a metal gate. Take the one with the metal gate - this will lead you into an area with red stone walls, lots of patroling Thieves, and directly to a perfect shadowy slope. Follow the slope, sit down and watch.

The first door to the left leads you into the area where the entrance with the ladder would have brought you to. There is nothing special, only a female Servant on patrol, a stationary Thief who guards the 2nd entrance to Thom's room, and eventually a Thief who patrols between this room and the room in the E in an irregular pattern. So, avoid opening this door, and follow the hallway to the N. The 2nd door in this hallway leads you into Thom's room.

Even though Thom is Reuben's best man, you don't have to fear him at all: He is unarmed, and stares like a cow at his wonderful hiding place for the key and for the bracelet. That means, of course, that he will notice you when you approach the two goodies.

So, begin with stealing the few coins from under his table. You can also get the bracelet unseen by him, when you approach the secret vault from the area next to the table and lean forward to grab it. But he will most surely spot you anyway when you approach the key in the small niche in the bookshelf. This means another commotion, and it means also that you may want to run to the sewers once everyone is searching for you.

If you are lucky, Thom will remember that he is Reuben's best man, and not run for help but start searching for you. Then take the opportunity to ignore him, and run out of his room before he considers to alert the other Thieves in this area.

Once you think that the commotion has ended, or that Thom is not searching around no more, head up the slope again. This time, enter the room in the E - be careful, since here are lots of Thieves on patrol who tend to bump into you when you thought you were safely hidden in a shadow.

Douze the two torches next to the stationary Archer infront of the metal door in the N, and approach this Archer carefully hurrying from shadow to shadow in this hallway. Once you are at the northern end of this hallway, take a short break, sit down and watch.

Once no one is around who could see you, huge the wall, and sneak behind the stationary Archer. Unlock the door with the grey "house key" from Thom's room, and head in. You are now in the basement of Reuben's Mansion.

5.)   Reuben's Mansion

In the basement infront of you are two male Servants on patrol. Try not to run into them, when you run past them into the cell block area. Don't press any buttons unless you want to set free a huge Spider. In the room N of the cell with the Spider is a mine. You want to hurry though the door in the NE, and up the stairs.

The back wall of the fireplace is a secret door that can lead you into the room with the two sofas in the 1rst floor of Reuben's mansion. But lets ignore this shortcut, for now.

Wait that the two Thieves are out of sight, and then loot the two small and shabby rooms ahead of you. Then hurry back to the shadow at the fireplace, and wait for an opportunity to trail the two Thieves into the bedroom. Douze the fire in the fireplace, and sit down in the shadow. The patrol pattern of the two Thieves seems to lead them through the kitchen, right through the hallway N of it, and then back through the hall in the NE of the kitchen. While you are busy studying the patrol patterns, feel free to frob the book in the bookshelf of the Thieves (this secret way will lead you into the room with the 2 sleeping Thieves in the 2nd floor, but wait a little longer until you explore this floor of the mansion.

Firstly, enter the kitchen carefully and slowly and get the water arrow. Then head back to the shadow in the bedroom.

I recommend that you explore now the area in the E, and that you move carefully through these rooms, coming from the S. Once you find a toilet, open the door to the N, and stay in the shadow next to the water basin. The bedroom N of you is here and then visited by the Archer from the hallway N of the kitchen. Douzing the torches gives you no advantage at all, so it is - once again - a question of a good timing to loot the chest in the N.

After you have looted the chest, follow the Archer into the hallway N of the kitchen. In the hall's southern end is a perfect shadow. Sit down there, and try to time your next move with the patrol patterns of all 3 patroling Thieves. You want to rob from the room N of the kitchen now.

To make things more troublesome, an evil mission designer placed two torches and a strange zig-zag light pattern in the hallway N of the kitchen. Douze the torches, and hide yourself in a shadow. When everyone has his back turned, start picking the locks of the doors, and steal the equipment and the loot from the rooms.

Now, after you looted all 3 rooms N of the kitchen, you have the free choice how you want to enter the main part of Reuben's mansion. The door in the E of this area leads you to the countryard, and from here you have 2 doors that lead you to the 1rst floor. And then, there is the secret way into the room with the 2 sleeping Thieves.

I would recommend, even though I am not sure if that is the best choice, that you take the door in the NE of the coutryard. It will lead you into a gambling room with two mines. Eventually, there are some Thieves on patrol here, too. Head through the door in the S, and you are in a hall with noisy floor tiles and a candlestick. Grab it. You can enter the 2nd floor from here with the help of a rope arrow, but lets continue looting the 1rst floor firstly.

Head back to the gambling room, and take the door to the E, this leads you into a bathroom. Luckily, no Thief needs to visit the toilets in the game, and so you are undisturbed in the perfect shadow next to the toilets. In the room S of this one is a huge amount of loot. Enter the room, make it yours, and hurry back to the toilet before anyone sees you. Wait here until the Thief with the healing potion passes by and grab it (pickpockets 9 of 18).

When there is no one around, approach again the hall with the noisy floor tiles. In the SE corner, close to the door, is a shadow where you can wait that the Thieves are somewhere else. Then enter the hallway S of this hall, and approach the main entrance hall of the mansion. It does not matter which of the doors you are taking, all of them lead to the main entrance hall. Once you are in the main entrance hall, snatch the loot from the dining room next to it. If you need a good hiding place, enter the room N of the slope (this is the room with the 2 sofas, with the secret shortcut that leads you back to the area next to the way to the basement).

Follow the slope to the 2nd floor. You are now in the library of Reuben. Read the scroll, and learn that Reuben is a nice man (he has a cat, and only nice people have cats ;) )... and learn also where the key to the vault of Donal is hidden.

In the room to the N are two sleeping Thieves. While picking the lock of the chest next to the one more distant to the "secret" passage is easy, the other Thief tends to wake up as soon as you approach his chest. This is not a problem, though, since both chests don't contain loot - only equipment such as healing potion and flash bombs.

The door E of this bedroom is your best choice to enter the 2nd floor of the main entrance hall, because there is a wonderful shadow in the hall. Sit down and grab the healing potion from the Archer (pickpockets 10 of 18).

If the two Thieves in the E are patroling closely together, you may reach the private rooms of Reuben from here. If they are patroling seperated (seems to be a random factor), don't worry. Just head back to the 1rst floor, and approach the hall with the noisy floor tiles. Wait there that no one is around, and enter the 2nd floor with a rope arrow.

Even though this hallway is definitely not the best choice to loiter around much (since it is relatively well-lightened), you can - if you are as close to the right wall as possible - sit down there and steal the keys from the two patroling Thieves (pickpockets 12 of 18). Then trail them into the gambling room in the E of your position. Enter Reuben's private rooms with the keys of the two, because picking the lock takes definitely too much time here.

It is possible that the two Thieves will stop their patrol now that they have no keys no more. Enter the gambing room after a while and hope that they have their backs turned...

Loot Reuben's private room and bath, find the secret compartment in the wall and get the key and the loot. Don't forget to read the book, if you like easter-eggs.

If the two are still standing, dumb and wooden like doorknobs, infront of the door to the bath, you have the problem to get the two goblets unseen. In this case, I recommend that you firstly loot the guestrooms opposite to Reuben's private rooms, and then prepare for a mad run to the secret shortcut in the fireplace in the room with the two sofas. If you are lucky, they won't follow you that far.

Now start the long way back to the middle sewers, because you are now on your way to Donal's mansion.

6.)   The way to Donal's Mansion

Run down the stairs until you reach the cells. Don't worry if the two Servants see you - they will most probably only panic around and run up the stairs to get help. You, on the other hand, are going back to the entrance to the mansion from the sewers. Don't worry that there is an Archer directly infront of the door - sneak past him, just as you entered. Head back to the smelly sewers (hug the right wall, and then find the slope that lead you down to them). Follow the sewers, and keep left at every crossing. This leads you directly to the storage room of the Northern Basement.

Leave the storage room when the Thief has just left it on his patrol, head into the shadow ahead of you, and then hurry to the door next to the Servant's bedroom. The next door leads you into the room with the patroling Archer and Thief, just N of the entrance to the labyrinth from the Overlord's Fancy. Avoid getting zapped, and run (or sneak) through this area until you reach the switches 37/38.

Get past the metal gate that is marked with a big, black "38", because it will lead you into the Lower Sewers. Since your clothes are already smelly, dirty, and stinky from the northern, "smelly" sewers, you don't have to worry about your outfit anyway no more. ;)

Head right, and when you come to a crossing, try to stay in the shadows. There is a tiny spider on patrol here, and it does not enjoy thiefish creatures as yourself who want to steal its arrows and its gem. If it should run into you, just hop over it and steal the arrows anyway. When you head right, you will encounter a frobable metal gate. Open it, and you are in the room from there you will be able to open the one and only entrance to Donal's Mansion. Climb up the ladder, and avoid getting seen by the two creeps. Hop into the water (yumm...), and dive into the tunnel in one of the walls. After a relatively long dive, you will enter a room with two switch boxes. Pull both of them. Then dive back.

Before you enter Donal's Mansion now, it is time to visit the Southern Basement, a maze that is IMHO even more confusing than the entire other sewers. To enter it, just climb out of the water close to the area where the two Thieves are on patrol now. From the wooden beam, you can snatch the 3 arrows without getting seen. Then head to the E, and follow the wooden bridge. Try not to alert the two Thieves, but they pose no real thread anyway, because they can't leave their area.

If you follow the way to the S, you will enter a room with an unarmed female Thief. In her chest are only some moss arrows. It is easier when you douze her fire. In the hallway S of her room is a Thief on patrol, but he tends to get stuck in a wall sometimes. However, get his purse (pickpockets 13 of 18).

Because the room to the right does contain nothing of value, and because trying to avoid the Thief in the hallway is a pain, I recommend that you hurry back to the room where you entered this area. Hide in the shadow opposite of the entrance, and wait that the Archer is passed by. Then take the opening in the N wall. This leads you into a room with a huge shelf, with a letter, all kinds of arrows, and two pieces of loot. Grab them, and hurry out through i.e. the next passage to the right. As I said, I think that this area is extremely confusing to navigate in. But this opening should lead you, if you always head right, to the room of the sleeping Thief. In his chest are more moss arrows. Grab them and the few coins in the niche of this hallway, and then head to the left, into the room with the 2 pillars and the red carpet.

Wait in the shadow of one of the pillars until you think that everyone who has something of value attached to his belt. It should be one unarmed male Thief, and not much more. (Pickpockets 14 of 18). When no one is around, approach the tapestry in the S of this room, and hack it away to get the gem and the healing potion. This will, naturally, alert everyone who passes by, so it may be time for you to run away now.

You can also snatch the two items in the "blind" way, by just clicking on your "use" key when you are infront of the tapestry. But to do so, you need already to know where you need to click at.

Now head to the NE. This will lead you to the "official" entrance of the sewers, coming from the Overlord's Fancy. Don't bother to open the metal door at the end of this hallway, but use the shadow in the hallway to hide and to douze some lights.

Snatch the speed potion from the shelf, and then head to the E. This will lead you, more or less, to Magrin's room, the best man of Donal. In this case, this means not that Magrin had all the important items - it means only that he has a nice collection of loot in his room and in secret compartments close to his room. Make them yours.

Because this is a quite painful experience, let me try to describe a way to rob these rooms without getting zapped by the two patroling Thieves. First, from your shadow in the "official" entrance, wait that the Thief has his back turned. Run after him and snatch his key (pickpockets 15 of 18). Then run to the speed potion, and grab it. And while you are at it, run also to the silver nugget at the fire, and grab it. Then head back to the shadow in the "official" entrance, and wait that he is moving to the rooms in the E. Trail him, and enjoy the shadow in the N of this passage.

From here, you can douze the fire just E of you. When you hide close to one of the pillars, you can open the secret compartment in this fireplace, and snatch the goblet. Then wait that the Thief is entering Magrin's room, and follow him into it. Douze the fire as soon as you can, because you have only a few seconds of time. You can hide now either at the very NW of the shadow on the floor or in the small shadow between the entrance and the shelf at the W wall. Time your actions with his patrol pattern, and clean the room from the loot, the scroll, and the water arrows. Always hurrying back to the shadow next to the shelf seems to be a wonderful idea. And while you are at it, don't forget to snatch the purse from Magrin and the healing potion from the Thief (pickpockets 17 of 18).

Now be happy as a frog, and leave this tricky area as carefully (but also as quickly) as you can.

Because we don't want to waste time now with loosing any sense of direction, just run out. When you keep running right, starting from the "official" entrance, you will reach the area with the wooden bridge thingie after a very short time. Pad yourself on the back, and hurry to the room with the yummy water (where you dived in to pull the switches 47/48). Cross the room via the wooden planks, and hop into the tower in the NE corner of the water room. This wonderful silent and empty room has a lower level - and this lower level leads you to the gate marked with a fat, black "47". In the case that you didn't read Magrin's scroll, Garrett gives you a helpful comment at this place, that you have done well. You are now in Donal's mansion.

7.)   Donal's Mansion

To prevent frustration, I recommend that you check your inventory now. When you have a single blue key, pad yourself on the back, and continue. Otherwise, whack yourself with your blackjack, and move back to Reuben's private rooms to get the blue safe key (as described in the scroll from Reuben's library).

If you have the blue safe key, enjoy yourself a little bit - since all the sneaking has killed your last remaining nerves at this time most probably, jump and noise around a bit. This is, of course, just a personal advice. Nothing as funny as jumping around like a frog here and then... ;)

Now jump into the green and slimey water, and follow the tunnels until Garrett tells you that you have found a backdoor. There are two Thieves chattering about Sutter. While they are still babbling, head into the shadow left of the slope in. Wait here that they are not around on their patrol patterns (they move around in a clockwise direction, you want to go in a counter-clockwise direction, though, to avoid getting seen by the stationary Thief, so be careful and hop into the rooms whenever possible), and then start exploring the basement.

The first door in the E would have been the way in, if Magrin had had the key for it. You can't pick the lock, and you don't have a key for it yet, so don't bother with it.

The first room to the right of the hallway has a piece of loot and a mine. Make them yours, and continue. Don't bother to douze every torch that you find on your way. Just keep going right, until you find the stairs up. Because you want also the equipment from the rooms with the metal doors in the W, enter the absolutely shadowy room between these two doors, and wait for appropriate moments to pick the locks.

Now head up the slope to the 1rst floor. You are now in the kitchen of the mansion, and - as usual - there is a female NPC idling around. She has - as most of the female NPCs - an excellent peripheral vision, so be careful when you approach the sink to get the loot. Because here is also a Thief on patrol, take care all the time.

I don't see a way past her without her seeing you, so take care that she doesn't panic when a Guard is near. After he has run away in panic, hurry to a different location (i.e. douze the torch in the room right of the kitchen and wait there in the shadow) and wait that the commotion ends.

In the storage room to the N, you will find the key to Donal's mansion. Grab it, because you need it for the way out to the streets.

Follow the patroling Thief until you reach a room with a vase on a table (because you had to sneak in the room before this one, he will have outrun you at this time). Hop on the table, get the vase, and wait here that the time is ripe to continue. Trail him again, but don't forget to enter the double-door just ahead of you. If you have taken the correct double-door, the stationary Thief in there will not notice you. Approach the piece of loot, and steal the purse (pickpockets 18 of 18). Then leave the room again as you came in. Take care that you don't run into the patroling Thief, and unlock the way out (the metal door in the S).

Now head up the stairs to the vase.

8.)   Getting the Vase

But firstly, get the loot from the rooms to the right. Study in the first place the patrol patterns of the two Thieves. Even though it may seem random in the first place, you will see the pattern after a while.

A strangely good hideout is as close to the S wall of the bathroom. The Thief will not notice you there, if you are really hugging the wall.

Once you are in the room with the tapestry collection, hide in the shadow right of one of the doors. The tapestries just ahead of you (S wall of the room) are hiding the vault and the extra valuable goblet. Either snatch this extra goblet through the tapestry, or slash everything that you see as if you was a psycho - but be aware that the view of slashed banners might alert the two patroling Thieves.

Unlock the vault with the key from Reuben's secret niche, and grab the vase. You can do that also through the tapestry without hacking it into small pieces... Grab the vase, and enjoy yourself - and hurry back into the shadow right of the door at once.

Now all you have to do it run down the stairs, turn left at the feet of the stairs, and run through the metal door. If you have done it well, no one will even chase you at this time. The mission will end once you have reached this small piece of The City's streets.

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