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Walkthrough for "Break from Cragscleft Prison"

If you are new to this, then purchase some water arrows, a healing potion, and some moss arrows in the loadout screen of this mission.

1.)   The Mines - Getting in

Swim in, and head to the elevator shaft. You may want to get the 2 moss arrows in the 1rst floor of the mine - because it is always quite thrilling to get these arrows without getting killed by the Spider. Standing on the elevator, you can get the beast to search in the dark hallway left of the way to the moss arrows by shooting a broadhead arrow to that area. As soon as the Spider moves to the left, you can press the button of the elevator. All of this will, of course, get you the full attention of the Spider, so you want to hurry now. Jump from the elevator, run to the 2 moss arrows, make them yours, put them away, and run back to the elevator. You will run into a heavily annoyed and alerted Spider on your way back - jump over it. When you are on the elevator platform, hit the button to the 2nd floor. (If you are new to this, and scared by the thought of running past the Spider, then skip this step).

Now head to the room with the 'blue electricity device' and the sleeping Zombie. If you don't step into his attention circle, he will not wake up. Head into the hallway up to the 3rd floor of the mine.

Climb up, jump across the gap to the silver nugget, jump back, and head to the 4rth floor.

In the shadow of this sloped hallway, you can watch the patrol patterns of the Zombies ahead of you. In most of the cases, you will see the 2 Zombies with bug-clouds in the corridor ahead of you, where they guard the ruined church-room. They will also move to the corridor right of you (that is leading to the pool and the sitting skeleton), but only in random cases. Wait for such a random, and then leave your shadow. Press the button of the elevator, and run to the church-room.

It is relatively likely that you alerted a Zombie on your way into this church-room. Head to the shadows behind the pillars at the holy fountains, sit down, and wait that eventual following Zombies leave the room again. Then grab everything that you can.

Leaving the church-room without getting seen by at least one Zombie is quite unlikely, so just run out, dodge their attacks, and head to the pool and dive in.

If you take the first of the 2 possible exits of the pools that lead to the factory, then you can listen to the conversation from a safe shadow, without having to fear that the patrolling Hammerite might stumble into you. If you are lucky, and if a Zombie saw you diving in, you will soon hear a welcome guest enter this area. It is, though, surely not necessary to get a Zombie into this area - but if you are lucky, he will take out one or even both of the Hammerites at the stairs.

While this massacre is happening, you can head to the ladder and grab the nuggets from up there. Wait there that the fight comes to an end, and then walk up to the factory.

2.)   The Factory - Getting in

Ignore the doors to the left and right, and head down the main hallway. Start douzing the torches in the E of the room with the switch for the doors. As soon as the time is right, head to the NE of the room, and sit as close to the wall as possible in the shadow. Wait that the Guard has his back turned, and pull the switch for the doors.

Head leave the room through the N door, and follow the hallway to the area with the factory Workers. Stay on the catwalk, be careful when you move over the metal floor in the corners of this catwalk, and wait at its end until there are no Workers but the third. The thrid one should be busy producing a hammer, and then you can just jump over the railing to the hallway that leads you to the prison area.

3.)   The Prison - Cutty

Wait until the end of the conversation about Cutty, and then grab the key from the Guard on patrol and the stationary Guard (pickpockets 2 of 11(12)). Follow the Guard on patrol the cell block 3/4. Get the key from the stationary Guard of cell block 3/4 (pickpockets 3 of 11(12)), and enter the sewers. Get the map, the loot, the arrows, and the key from Nammon (pickpockets still 3 of 11(12) - pickpocketing from a 'corpse' who drowns when thrown into the water does not count as pickpocketing).

Be careful when you leave the sewers, because usually this is the time when the Guard of the entrance of the prison area returns from his visit in cell block 4. Wait that he passes by, and head to cell block 4.

Hurry to the 2nd floor of the cell block and into the first shadow in the corridor infront of the cells. Wait that the Guard turns around, and hurry into the next shadow. When you are close to his balcony, get his key (pickpockets 4 of 11(12)), then head into the shadow at the door of his balcony. Open it with a golden key, and watch the Guard. He will not react to changes of the position of his door, but make sure that you are hidden in the shadow. When he is facing the cell blocks (and not the switches or the back wall of his balcony), hurry in, pull the switch to Cutty's cell (of the left column of 3 switches, the 3rd), and hurry as fast as possible back out. Make sure that you leave the balcony again before the door shuts close.

Now you want to reach Cutty's cell, but there are these Guards on patrol. Wait that there is no patrolling Guard to see, and jump down to the 1rst floor. If you are lucky (and if you did not step on the metal railing), you will only slightly alert the Guard in the balcony. Head to Cutty's cell and have your dialogue with him.

A funny glitch: If you alerted the Hammerites on your way to the 1rst floor, and if Cutty sees a searching Hammerite outside of his cell, he may start searching for you outside, too. It is kinda amazing how he is still talking to you, even though he is searching... ;-)

As soon as the objectives changed, you can leave his cell again.

4.)   The Prison - Basso

Head to cell block 3, and open the cell of Basso in the same way as you opened Cutty's cell without getting seen. This time, the correct switch is in the center column the center switch.

Basso weights more now, and Garrett will be slowed down when he is carrying him. Because you may want to leave the prison in a hurry as soon as you have emptied the barracks, you may want to carry him to the entrance of the prison area now. So, swing him on your shoulders, and head to the stationary Guard of cell block 3/4. Avoid the flickering light as well as you can, and head back to the area where the two Hammerites were talking about Cutty. Drop Basso in the shadow of the corridor that leads back to the factory.

Head back to the Prison, this time to cell block 1/2.

5.)   The Prison - cell block 1/2

Take the key from the stationary Guard of cell block 1/2 (pickpockets 6 of 11(12)). Avoid getting seen by hugging the right wall.

First of, head to the cell block 2, because 1 is the way to the barracks, and there is nothing to do in cell block 2 at all - besides the fact that you want to get another pickpocket here. Steal the key from the Guard in the balcony. (If you have also stolen the key from one of the Guards on patrol, you have now pickpockets 8 of 11(12)).

Leave cell block 2, and head to block 1.

You need the Hand of Glory, and Issyt was imprisoned in just this cell block here. Open his cell in the manner that you have learned earlier (pickpockets 9 of 11(12)). This time, the correct switch is in the column of 4, the 2nd from above. Leave the balcony, and get back your Hand of Glory.

Head back down to the 1rst floor of the cell block. Douze the torch in the room with the Priest, and hurry to the stairs. If you are quick enough now, he will not notice you when you head to the barracks. Give it a try, but if it should not work, don't bother to use a broadhead arrow as noise distraction.

6.)   The Barracks

Find the 'tithes' room, and wait that the Guard from the kitchen appears in the hallway in your back. Follow him and steal the loot and the arrows from the bedrooms and from the kitchen. Head back to the 'tithes' room and steal the loot when there is no Guard around.

Ignore the fact that you want the golden hammer from the altar (for now), and head to the officers' quarters with the evidence lockers.

Firstly, get your last to one pickpocket from the Guard outside by waiting in an appropriate shadow in the hallway and timing your approach with his patrol pattern (pickpockets 10 of 11(12)).

Then, head back to the first, more critical room. The Guard outside has an excellent hearing, so you may want to consider shooting a moss arrow on the floor tiles infront of the evidence locker, but this is not necessary, if you know how to move in absolute silence. Get your loot, and lock the evidence locker again.

Leave this first, critical room silently, close the door, and head happily to the other room.

In this room, it is not necessary to move with caution, so enjoy hopping around and slashing the tapestry as much as you can. ;-)

Once you are finished, head back to the altar.

The golden hammer on the altar is truely a difficult quest. Head to the shadow right of the altar, and shoot some moss arrows at the stairs. Then get the attention of everyone by jumping and noising around for a good while, and run away in a clock-wise direction. The 3 Hammerites will now go to the shadow right of the altar and search for you - so, once you have rounded the central wall, you can easily run up the stairs to the altar and grab the hammer.

Head into the shadow right of the altar (the searching Hammerites should now be around the corner on their search for you), and wait that the Priest goes back to his position at the altar once he has finished his search for you. Grab his key (pickpockets 11 of 11(12)).

Now leave the barracks. Be either extremely careful at the stairs to the prison, or extremely quick (the Priest is facing the direction you are coming from), and hurry through the Prison to Basso.

7.)   Getting out

Swing Basso back on your shoulders, and enter the factory. With a good timing, you should be able to reach the first shadow infront of the first stairs without getting seen. Wait there, if necessary, until everyone has his back turned, and head up the stairs to the catwalk.

The room with the switches is a pain when slowed down as much as you are now, but it is possible to cross it without getting the attention of the 2 Hammerites. Use the shadow in the NE of the room to wait for a good moment to run.

Be careful not to be too noisy when you head down the stairs to the mines, and stay in the shadows when you leave the 'civilized' area and are heading to the sitting skeleton.

Run past the skeleton (if you are close to the right wall, you will not get hit by its skull), and head to the elevator. Drop Basso on the elevator platform, and press the button to the 3rd floor. Wave 'Goodbye' to the Zombies, and hurry out.

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